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Maharashtra & Haryana Elections: BJP Is Leading

exit-polls-350The poll counting for Maharashtra and Harayana assembly was started. As expected BJP is moving towards to form as single largest party in both the states. Maharashtra has 288 assembly constituencies and and Harayana has 90 assembly constituencies. The current trend of the couting is in par with the exit polls. Exit polls have projected that the BJP will emerge as the largest party in both Maharashtra and Haryana stopping.

Currently in Maharashtra BJP is leading in 110 constituencies and Shiva Sena running in second place with 50 seats. Coming to Haryana, BJP is showing its upper hand in 47 seats and Indian National Lok Dal (INLD) is leading in 22 seats.

Haryana recorded highest-ever turnout of 76.54 per cent while Maharashtra recorded 63.13 per cent polling. Trends are expected to be available by this afternoon and the final results will begin by 3 PM.