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Kriti Kharbanda Troubled By Airline Staffer

kriti kharbandaKriti Kharbanda is a worried girl these days. After escaping the fire accident from her hotel room recently now she is facing trouble from a airline staffer. The actress who has done movies like Teen Maar and Mr Nookayya was recently stalked at Bengaluru airport by an airline staffer.

She has been frequently travelling between Hyderabad and Bengaluru to keep up the commitments of her Telugu and Kannada films. A few weeks ago when she was waiting for her flight she got a call from an unknown number. When she answered it, the voice on the other end started saying things like ‘You are looking good today’, ‘Why don’t you come and take a picture with me’.

After identifying the caller as an airline staffer, Kriti filed a compliant with the airline and she is worried that the person still holds her number.