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Kotha Janta Movie Live Theatre Updates – Tweet Review

Kotha_Janta_posterTitle: Kotha Janta (2014)

Cast:  Allu Sirish , Regina Cassandra, Madurima, Posani, Saptagiri

Director: Maruthi

Producer: Bunny Vasu

Music: J.B

Cinematography: Richard Prasad

Written By: Maruthi

Editing: Ashok Kuruba

Studio: Geetha Arts

Releasing on: May 1st, 2014


01:35 PM: Review follows- Stay tuned.

01:35 PM: Only fight in the movie. Climax. Movie ended.

01:32 PM: Reached climax with re-entrance of Veerababu – goon in the first half.

01:27 PM: Series of emotional scenes. Sirish starts realizing. Movie running towards climax.

01:25 PM: Sirish’s mother Rohini re-entered the movie. Emotional song – Gundello nee bhavam.

01:15 PM: Time for the item song Atu Amalapuram. Madhurima is looking hot. Sirish improved a lot in his dancing skills.

01:11 PM: Serious emotional scene between Sirish & Suvarna.

01:05 PM: Mean while, channel wants Sirish to work with Suvarna. What happened to Kotha Janta with Pentamma? – Watch on big screen.

01:00 PM: Over jealousy Sirish blackmails Posani. Good comedy.

12:55 PM: Suvarna started making Sirish jealous and start giving to counter to him using Posani. How? – Watch on big screen.

12: 50 AM: Lot of cheer among audience in the theater with the Pata Janta program. Hilarious.

12:45 PM: Suvarna starts a new program, Pata Janta, in competition to Kotha Janta.

12:37 PM: Osey Prema song. Basically a jealous song. Short & Nice. Madhurima entered.

12:35 PM: Movie started. On continuation with pre-interval twist, Survana don’t want work with Sirish on Kotha Janta. Challenge between Sirish & Suvarna. Sirish brings a new anchor, Pentamma. Who is pentamma? -Watch on big screen.

12:20 PM: Interval with a good twist. Nice concept. Till now movie is good. Worth watching. Saptagiri’s comedy is an added advantage. Till now, Maruthi is successful, again.

12:10 PM: Sirish pretends love towards Suvarna to convince her to accept Posani’s offer. How Sirish tires to convince Suvarna, who sincerely loving Sirish, to accept Posani’s offer – Watch on big screen.

12:02 AM: Akasanaina Song. Situational song. Good song

11:55 AM: Twist is Posani falls in love with Suvarna. He want to start the channel just for her. How Sirish & Suvrana takes Posani’s offer? – Watch on big screen.

11:52 AM: Posani enters, who wants to start a new channel. He joins hands with Sirish & Suvarana. In this process Suvarna’s  feelings towards Sirish gets started. How? – Watch on big screen.

11:46 AM: Till now movie is so cool. Cheers in theater.

11:44 AM: Noticeable acting by Saptagiri with his comedy as a good friend of Sirish

11:40 AM: First marriage of their program is a controversial marriage. Bride is sister of big goon Veerababu.

11:33 AM: First song – Chalo Chalo. This is promotional song of their program, reached expectations of the audience in the theater.

11:30 AM: They start a new program on their channel called – Kotha Janta on marriages.  What exactly is the program? How they do it? How it increases their channel TRP ratting? – Should be watched on Big Screen 🙂

11:25 AM: Hilarious restaurant scene (which shown in Movie commercials on TV). Sirish and Suvarna goes to restaurant and avoids to pay the bill. Hilarious scene.

11:17 AM: Till now movie is colourful.

11:15 AM: Both of them works for the same channel – Y TV, but in different locations. Both moved to Hyderabad. Saptagiri is Sirish’s friend.

11:10 AM: Suvarna’s aim to marry a guy with 100 crores. Sirish’s aim is to start a channel with out investment.

11:05 AM: Movie move to current days. Sirish & Regina are started their career and working in their respective jobs.

11:00 AM : Movie started with childhood days in Amalapuram. Sirish (Sirish) is selfish from childhood. Regina’s (Suvarna) philosophy is to take every thing like pencils, erasers from others.