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Kona Venkat And Danayya Robbed In Hyderabad

kona-venkat-danayyaA shocking incident happened yesterday when writer Kona Venkat and producer DVV Danayya were coming back from actor Prakash Raj’s birthday party. Both were threatened and robbed during a robbery that took place on Thursday on the outskirts of the city.

Near Shadnagar, they found a fallen tree blocking the road and they thought it was weird as it has not been raining. Suddenly a person appeared with an axe and hit the windscreen. He took out a knife and put against Kona’s next and screamed to take the valuables out. The man has pulled the chain from the writer’s neck. With no other option left, both the writer and producer have taken of the rings and other valuables and handed over to the thief. The total amount worth is nearly 3 Lakhs.

After the incident, the duo complained to the police and they started  investigating the case. Srinu Vaitla, Gopi Mohan and Thaman’s cars were behind and after seeing the incident they immediately travelled back. So many families reside near Shadnagar and what is the safety for them if such incidents happen.