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Kona Venkat Comments On Srinu Vaitla

Kona_VenkatIt is a known fact that both Srinu Vaitla and writer Kona Venkat are not on talking terms after the issues raised between them during the filming of Baadshah movie. Srinu Vaitla tries to take revenge on others with his dialogues in his movie.

Ever since Aagadu trailer released discussions are going on that Srinu Vaitla and Mahesh has targeted other heroes in the Industry. Reacting to this Kona Venkat took to the social networking platform and said “Some people try to focus on others rather than minding their own business, these people will become outfocus soon.

These comments are indirectly targeted to Srinu Vaitla. These comments are enough to say Kona is still angry with Srinu. We need to wait and see whether Srinu reacts to this or remains silent.