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Kona Venkat Bored Of His Own Template

Kona-VenkatDuring a discussion about, bad trends in Telugu cinema where Heroines are represented in bad taste and insult comedy which is prevalent in telugu cinema. Kona Venkat, famous screen writer in Telugu circuit admit that he himself bored of watching the template cinema which is named after him “Kona template”.

He told the panel that, in his next films like in Ram charan’s film, Shankara Bharanam and other films this template is not used and promised that it will certainly entertain the audience. During the discussion he also argues that because of Caste/religious and other organizations we have our hands already cuffed, these kind of discussion will again hamper our creative freedom.

He opined that audience should not dictate terms on what to watch, he said, “we have to cater to varying people right from a chai wala to high profile employees, so to keep their interests we have include some scenes which may be derogatory. As producers are gambling with huge amounts. It is our responsibility that we have to keep them safe.”

The discussion was held by famous News channel, in response to now a famous girl named Annapurna Sunkara’s harsh yet valid comments on current trend of Telugu cinema.