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Kick 2 Telugu Movie Review

Title: Kick 2 (2015)
Cast:: Ravi Teja, Rakul Preet, Brahmanandam
Director: Surender reddy
Producer: Nandamuri Kalyan Ram
Banner: NTR Arts
Music: SS Thaman
Rating:: 3.00/5.00

‘Kick’ which came in 2009 become a major hit and the Kick character achieved the cult status, Extending the same character Ravi teja and Surender reddy teamed-up again to weave a similar magic, Does the team become successful lets see.

Plot: Robin hood(Ravi Teja), son of Kick(Ravi Teja old), stays in America. Robin hood loves himself more than anyone else and he doesn’t tolerate anyone disturbing his comfort zone. He visits India for an ancestral property, where Chaitra a film writer falls for his attitude and she confess’s her love.

And Solman Singh Rathore(Ravi Kishan) a dictator, who proclaims himself as the son of god, rules ruthlessly in a remote area of Bihar. He destroys an entire village(vilaspur) when they rebel against him, and he makes them his slaves. Knowing about Robin hood’s attitude, Vilaspur villager’s weaves a plan to free themselves from Solman singh rathore.

How Villagers involves Robin hood in their Village, What is Chaitra’s role in the plot and How Solman singh rathore was defeated by villagers forms the story.

Analysis: Movie starts has a bang and then enters Robinhood. surender reddy extended the same characterization of Kick as Comfort which rightly fits into the story. First half is all about elevating that characterization and giving a glimpses what should be expected. First half entertains.

First half an hour of the second half is boring and some yawns can be observed, but in later half film comes to his groove and then Ravi Teja with his energetic performance gives Kick to the plot.

There are some routine to the core scenes, which gives a dragging feeling. The Villagers situation which was not at the same level, when it enters the main plot, Sudhakar reddy should have taken a proper care. In one way it can be seen as Surender reddy’s version of Khaleja.

Comedy worked out well, but the songs are a serious let down. Comedy in the second half is not needed.

Artists Performance:
Ravi Teja is into his elements, he is energetic and powerful. But his lean look didn’t helped it to elevate further.
Raku Preet is beautiful, given enough performance.
Ravi Kishan did well, Rajpal Yadav and Sanjay Mishra given surprise entry and they have done good job. Srinivas reddy has a blink and miss character and Brahmanandam evoked some laughs.

Technical Departments:
Surender reddy is successful in weaving a Robinhood story, with Kick character, but inconsistency in screenplay is quite visible. Camera work is Superb. Songs by thaman are weakest for the movie, but he has given brilliant BGM. Art work should be appreciated. Costumes are okay.

Verdict: “Comforts” commercial movie lovers