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Kesineni Nani to contest from Vijayawada

KesineniSuspense on Vijawada Loksa.bha seat still continues. TDP is still in dilemma on giving Vijaywada Loksabha seat ticket to Kesineni Nani or PVP

As per the available news in various channels Kesineni Nani commented on PVP and Vijaywada Loksabha seat. He commented Potluri is an international smuggler and a corrupted person, PVP is also  not a member of TDP party.

Nani also said, people has much faith on Pawan Kalyan and he should not support person like PVP.

Kesinani Nani made clear that will he will contest for Lok Sabha for Vijayawada seat, though ticket is not given to him. He is confident that we will get a majority of 2 lakhs. Nani is going to meet Chandrababu Naidu tonight.