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Bollywood Queen Hiked Her Fee

kangana ranautBollywood Queen Kangana Ranaut is slowly creating a brand of her own after the success of her hit film Queen. Though she acted in movies like Fashion, Once up on a time in Mumbai and Krishh 3 she didn’t go the fame she expected. But with films like Queen and Revolver Rani she has created a niche for herself.
Kangana recently confirmed that she has hiked her fees by 50 percent. Whats great for Kangana is that the filmmakers are ready to pay with out any hesitation. The actress had pulled off successful films that didn’t depend on any leading man.
Only Vidya Balan has pulled off before and the producers feel it’s a worth while investment. Trade experts says, Kangana deserves the fee she quotes. Contemporaries like Deepika Padukone and Katrina Kaif have long dictated their take home package. It’s time for Kangana Ranaut to enter the league as well.