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Kalyan Ram’s Sher Telugu Movie Review

Cast: Kalyan Ram, Sonal Chauhan & Vikramjeet
Director: Mallikarjun
Producer: Komara Venkatesh
Music: S Thaman
Cinematography: Sarvesh Murari
Release Date: 30-Oct-2015
Malligadu Rating: 2.25/5.0

Nandamuri Kalyanram who is back to form after a Blockbuster Hit in the form of “Pataas”, coming to theatres this week as “Sher”. Sonal Chauhan is the heroine in the film which is directed by Mallikarjun. Does Kalyanram bagged another hit this year, lets see

Plot: Goutham(Kalyan Ram) who lives with a happy family, gets into a tussle with Puppy(Vikramjeet) a local rowdy, when puppy is marrying a girl against her will. Puppy challenges Gautham, that he will marry the girl whoever will falls in love with Gautham. Puppy has good connections with Kolkata based high profile smuggler Dada(Mukesh Rushi).

Nandini(Sonal Chauhan) falls for Gautham instantly and she is the daughter of Commissioner Shayaji shinde, his only aim is to become DGP. Puppy makes a deal with Shayaji Shinde that he will make him DGP in exchange of marriage with his daughter.

What game Gautham plots to make Shayaji Shinde DGP and How he clears all the Dada’s gang and What is real reason behind the killings, forms the story.

Analysis: Sher has the beaten to death storyline, with cliched screenplay and routine characterizations. From the word go, film has nothing new to offer. Film has a Happy go lucky hero, Only-for-songs heroine, dumb villain gang and cruel villain, which are main ingredients for commercial flick, But director failed big time to extract proper recipe to entertain/engage audience.

Seems director was given a very limited budget. The main villian and his gang always stuck to same location and costumes. Posani who is initially introduced into the plot never makes his presence again and Similarly shafi who is never there in initial scenes, suddenly appears in second half. Such is the fate of film’s production.

Director never bothered to establish the bonding between the hero and his family, which could have given proper impact on audience in the later episodes of the film.

Comedy part only tests your patience, Brahmanandam has yet another disastrous role this year with Sher. Thaman has done very ordinary job, as the songs and BGM both failed to impress audience. Fights and Nandamuri Kalyan ram’s dance moves are the only positives.

Artist Performance:
Kalyan did well for a rather soul less characterization, You can see his commitment towards the film in each and every frame. he danced well, excelled in action episodes.

Sonal Chauhan is eye candy, her glamour is too good fora watch. She has to accept much better roles than this.
Mukesh Rushi is routine, Shayaji Shinde has nothing new to offer. Posani appeared in blink and miss role. Shravan and Shafi are just there for a bit.

Brahmanandam doesn’t enteratains, Thagubothu Ramesh evokes some laughs, Raghu and Prabhas Srinu did well. Vikramjeet in Puppy role did well.

Technical Departments:
Nothing exceptional about the Direction, as he doesn’t even tried to infuse any life to film’s plot. He just executed old story, in older fashion. Costumes department did well, production values are very low. Even though film is only 118 minutes long, editing have many jumps.

Verdict: Routine, Boring and head ache stuff.