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Kalavathi Telugu Movie Review

Title: Kalavathi(2016)
Cast: Siddarth, Trisha, Sundar C, Hansika
Director: Sundar C
Producer: Good Friends
Music: Hip-Hop Tamizha
Rating: 2.75/5.00

After achieving success with “Chandrakala(Aranamanai)”, Director Sundar C came up with the sequel to the film “Kalavathi(Aranamanai 2)”. This time he roped in some star power in Siddarth, Trisha along with his stock heroine Hansika. Promising to be Horror comedy, let’s see how is the film entertain audience.

Plot: Evil powers enters Zamindhar’s house when the zamindhar keeps the Village’s main idol for a ritual, Soon Zamindhar mets with an accident which makes Murali(Siddarth) Zamindhar’s son comes to his ancestral house, Anitha(Trisha) comes along with him. Murali finds about the evil powers and in comes the Ravi(Sundar C) for the resue.

How Murali and Ravi eradicates the evil powers, What happens to Anitha during the process, How Poonam Bajwa and Hansika involved forms the story.

Analysis: For Kalavathi Sundar C, never have to really use his creative juices for the film. He get along with typical format for the Horror-Comedy genre, where it can please the masses. Right from the word go there are many cliche’s which typicall uses for the genre, but he made them worked out with some rib-tickling comedy and Horrific scenes.

Although Siddarth is the main protogonist, Sundar has more weightage to his role which may dissappoint hero’s fans, Siddarth mainly has to dance for the numbers. He loaded the screen with glamour, with the likes of Trisha, Hansika and Poonam Bajwa it is expected. Film will certainly strike a chord with masses.

There are some ridiculously ridiculous scenes and some were interesting too, all in all film may work out because of it’s racy content and mass appeal. Songs were made with good taste, locations and sets are suited the bill.

Artist Performance:
Siddarth who is more famous for his urban roles and youthful characters. This character is a mis-fit, however he made his efforts to convince audience, he is successful to an extent.

Sundar C managed well. Trisha has given a superb performance, especially while she is possessed by evil powers. Hansika and Poonam Bajwa did their bit.

Kovai Sarala and Suri are hilarious.

Technical Values:
Sundar C, just went with typical format for the genre, which may work-out in his favor, Cinematography is good. Art department did a great job, Costumes are Okay. Music for the film is very apt, Editing is good.

Verdict: A Proper Masala Flick.