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Jayasudha’s Reaction After Losing Election

JayasudhaIt is already known that Rajendra Prasad won MAA elections with good majority and now sitting on association President chair. Maa elections were held on March 29th and the counting was held yesterday. Rajendra Prasad has won the president post, leading with 87 votes on Jayasudha.

After losing to Rajendra Prasad, Jayasudha congratulated Rajendra Prasad for winning the election. She expressed her disappointment on Rajendra Prasad via media that the way Rajendra Prasad is talking even after the elections making her upset. She said, when a person elected to an association, he should maintain dignity. Referring to Rajendra Prasad, she said, he is a comedian and is still acting like one.

Adding to it, Jayasudha said, she got more than 150 votes and it is moral victory to her. She hinted that political parties had intervened in the election. She defended herself saying, she entered the race just one day before the election and didn’t campaign like Rajendra Prasad by speaking on television and accused people personally.

Jayasudha cleared that she don’t want to participate in MAA programmes or events, but will do her best to help the association.

Both the panels, Rajendra Prasad and Jayasudha, have created a melodrama out of a mere election and has provided a great entertainment during the election time.