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Exclusive: Interview With ‘Run Raja Run’ Director Sujeeth Sign

Dialogues play a big role in any movie’s success. Did you pen them?
Experience in making short films helped me a lot. I used to write story, dialogues, screenplay, and direct all my short films apart from handling camera. I also worked as an assist to a Tamil camera man. Overall, these things really helped me and I penned the dialogues for the movie.How is it working under UV Creations, Tell us something about Producers Pramod and Vamsi?
I am really thankful to the producers to have given me this opportunity. After Mirchi’s success it is very easy for them to work with a star director, but they believed in my script and my capabilities. Vamsi anna takes care of scripts, scenes etc., and Pramod anna takes care of production and there is another person Vicky anna who takes care of our needs. So, for any problem we have, we know whom to consult.Have you casted any of your regular short films artists like Nikhil Kailasa & Harish in run raja run?
Vennela Kishore, Harish and Nikhil kailasa are my only friends from the film industry. Producers are very strict that each scene should be in-line with film’s script. So it has become a major challenge for me to include them into the script. Yes Kishore, Harish and Nikhil are in the movie and it is not a forced inclusion, script needs them.

When asked about transition from short films to feature length film?
During my short films stint we used to have very limited budgets and within that budget we have to pay to the artists, technicians, petrol charges etc. For example, for one of my short films “Vesham” our budget is 45,000 and we have done it in 45,990, also we shot the film using Arri 435 camera. Having experience in technical and production side of film making I felt no difficulty in this transition.

There is this news that Run Raja Run delayed because of some reshoots, is it true?
Thank you for asking this question, this is actually a rumor prevailed due to delay in getting censor certificate. Yes, we have shot some patch work and fillers which is very common but didn’t reshoot any scene which have already been canned.