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10177512_10152398704082372_863937642863774331_nIndia is officially the third largest economy in the world, displacing Japan and jumping up from the 10th position in 2005. World Bank has put India at the third position, after US and China. Their last survey in 2005 had placed India in 10th position. The survey covered 199 economies.

In just a few years time we notched up seven ranks. That’s great achievement for us all, specially at the time of tough global economic crisis we all faced. The report also noted that despite high inflation in recent years, prices in India are still well below those in advanced economies. In the last 10 years, Per capita Income in India has increased three-fold. Average GDP growth rate has been a phenomenal 7.7%.

May be in these times, when lot of what we hear is election rhetoric, dark news, shameful statements, half-truths and naked lies, you may miss this new on various TV Channels and from front pages of big newspapers. But do read and ponder over it for a moment, only to appreciate and recognize the progress of this great nation, our very own INDIA.

Let’s continue to build India together!

new courtesy: iamSMEofIndia