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I Telugu Movie Live Theatre Updates-Tweet Review

I_Ai_Shankar_VikramTitle: I ( 2014)
Cast: Vikram, Amy Jackson, Upen Patel, Suresh Gopi
Director: Shankar
Producer: V Ravichandran, D Ramesh Babu
Music: A R Rahman
Cinematography: P C Sreeram
Editor: Llewellyn Anthony Gonslaves
Writer: Shankar, Subha
Production Banner: Aascar Film Pvt Ltd
Release Date: 14-Jan-2014
Run Time: 3 Hours 6 Minutes
09:00 AM: Movie started.

09:02 AM: Titles rolling with an awesome background music.

09:10 AM: Vikram entered on screen in a hunchback getup and kidnaps Amy. Excellent visuals.

09:15 AM: Vikram is a Mr.India aspirant with very well built muscles. He is a macho man.

09:25 AM: Amy entered with a special song, Ladio. She is a model. She rocked the song.

09:30 AM: Vikram is admirer of Amy Jackson. Vikram got to meet Amy in an ad shoot.

09:35 AM: Time for the next song, Pareshanayya, an eye feast song. Vikram and Amy sharing good chemistry.

09:45 AM: John (Upen Patel), a one more model, harasses Amy. With few incidents one after other, John makes Amy losses her opportunity to become an brand ambassador opposite to John.

09:50 AM: Amy asks Vikram to part of her campaign and accompany her to China.

10:05 AM: Visuals in China are top-notch. Vikram now looks like a perfect model with a makeover. How he got it? Watch on big screen.

10:10 AM: Vikram and Amy sharing a good chemistry and a good match on screen.

10:15 AM: Amy plays a lie story to Vikram that she love him in order to have the commercial successful.

10:20 AM: Time for the next song, Poolane. An eye feast and exotic locations.

10:25 AM: Vikram comes to know that Amy is not loving him.

10:35 AM: Vikram’s Hunchback pattern revealed as the interval bang. Time for the interval.

10:50 AM: Now Vikram is a popular model. Time for the next song, Aila…

10:55 AM: Few brand campaigning scenes running on screen between Vikram and Amy.

11:00 AM: Professional rivalry scenes running between Vikram and corporates. Movie is running in an intense mode.

11:05 AM: Time for the next song, Nee jathaga.

11:15 AM: Vikram comes to know his genetic disorder.

11:25 AM: Vikram rocking in every scene.

11:30 AM: Vikram comes to know the reason behind his genetic disorder conspiracy.

11:40 AM: Movie rolling at pre-climax scenes.

11:45 AM: Amy gets engaged to their family doctor.

11:50 AM: Movie entered to climax zone.

12:05 PM: Climax scenes running with great action from Vikram. Rehman’s background music elevating the scene.

12:15 PM: Movie ended with a brilliant climax to an unconventional revenge story.

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