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Heroine Archana Selected In Hotel Red Rum

Archana-Hot-Thighs-Show-Taruvatha-Katha-Movie-4.jpgHeroine Archana who couldn’t make much impact in Tollywood is doing several small films. Her next film is titled Hotel Red Rum which is a horror thriller inspired by the 1974 Hollywood film “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.” The film is going to be made in Telugu, Kannada and Hindi as well.

Film is touted to be a gruesome horror flick and the title “Red Rum” stands for murder when reversed. The film is the story of a hotel run by a psychotic lady and her brothers. How Archana gets stuck in the hotel and consequences she faces is the crux of the film.

The regular shoot is going to start from the month of October. Film is going to be directed by Faisal Saif where Kavita Radheysham will be playing the antagonist role.