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Govindudu Andarivadele Movie Live Theatre Update-Review

GAV-Release-Day-Posters-1.jpgTitle : Govindudu Andarivadele
Cast : Ram Charan, Kajal Agarwal, Prakash Raj, Srikanth, Jayasudha, Kamalini
Director : Krishna Vamsi
Producer : Bandla Ganesh
Music : Yuvan Shankar Raja
Cinematography : Sameer Reddy
Writer : Krishna Vamsi
Release Date : Oct 1st, 2014.

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6:00 AM: Movie Started with Paying tributes to Bapu garu and Ram Charan’s Dialogue “Mana pani maname chesukovali. Maname illu maname subram chesukovali. Mana kutambam maname kalupukovali”

6:05 AM: Ram Charan as Abhiram Entrance playing Rugby, Started First Song time, “Ya Prathi Chota”,Solo song on Ram charan in foreign Location. Moves are good.

6:10 AM:  Ram Charan determines to unite their family, Knowing about his father’s Past and their grand parents Prakash Raj and Jayasudha. what is the past?  watch it on  big screen

6:15 AM: Ram Charan entered India  and here comes Kajol in an Ultra Modern avatar in a Pub. Movie now moved to the Village. Kajol is Ram Charan’s “Maradalu Pilla”.

6:20 AM: Introduction with all the family members happening to Ram charan, scenes are good on the big screen. Ram Charan enters not as their family but tells them he is here to learn agriculture.

6:30 AM: Ram Charan have great welcome into the family. Nice emotional scenes. Dialogues are seems apt to the movie’s premise. Movie moving in a smoother pace. Krishna Vamsi mark scenes visual are very nice.

6:40 AM: A few lighter scenes are running, Good to see there are no vulgar dialogues and healthy comedy. Laughs all around the theater.

6:55 AM:  Time for the second song ” Neeli Rangu Cheera”, Pictured on whole family. Song getting great applause from the audience. Prakash and Jayasudha steal the show in the song. Cherry keep aside his star image for the film, Nice.

7:05 AM:  Kota entered, he and his family wants to build huge beer factory in the farming lands, Prakash Raj is against it. Comic timing of Srikanth is top notch, some dialoguesof his are getting huge response from the crowd.

7:15 AM: Yuvan’s BGM is soothing, Both the songs are quite good. Aadarsh Balakrishna appeared as Rao Ramesh’s son and Kota’s grand son.  Action scene Progressing on the screen between Charan and Aadarsh. What is the reason? watch it on big screen.

7: 20 AM: Teasing between Ram Charan and Kajal are nice. Third song “Rakasi Ve”. In the song Lead pair looks are superb, KV mark song making again.

7:30 AM: Movie Slowly getting into its groove. Conflict, Direct dual between Ram Charan and Srikanth. Prakash makes srikanth arrested. Kamalini Mukherji being the centre point of the whole conflict. what is this conflict? watch it on big screen.

7:35 AM: Interesting dialogue by Srikanth at the Interval, gives you an idea on what is the story is all about. What is that have to see in theater. Interval Time. So far a smooth family movie,  with entertainment and emotions. First half is successful in engaging audience.

8:00 AM: Long Interval Gap…Interval still extending….

9:05 AM: Second half started with romantic scenes between Ram Charan & Kajal Agarwal.

9:10 AM: Ra Raja Kumara song starts…. Kajal is damn sexy in this song. Visuals of Jordan is simply superb. Ram Charan is also looking dashing. Very good song.

9:15 AM: Abhiram (Ram Charan) starts his efforts to fulfill his grandfather Prakash Raj’s dream.

9:20 AM: Flash back episode of Prakash Raj and Srikanth starts.

9:30 AM: Crucial scenes between Srikanth, Ram Charan and Kota Batch. Action sequence between Ram Charan & Srikanth. Scenes between both of them have come out very well.

9:35 AM: Chemistry between Ram Charan and Kajal scenes are very good. Looks like they are going to score hatrick with Govindudu Andarivadele.

9:40 AM: Deevuda dialogue by Ram Charan is very funny.

9:45 AM: Ram Charan Plans Prakash Raj allows Srikanth into House. Time for a family song Bangari Baava.

9:50 AM: Marriage fixed for Kajal with NRI.

9:55 AM: Entire family comes to know who Abhiram (Ram Charan) is? Pre climax scenes going on, and followed by sequence of emotional scenes.

10:00 AM: Finally a happy ending. A very feel good movie overall and a huge plus for Ram Charan.