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Gopala Gopala Live Theatre Updates-Tweet Review


Title: Gopala Gopala (2014)
Cast: Pawan Kalyan, Venkatesh, Shriya
Director: Kishore Kumar Pardasany ( Dolly )
Producer: Suresh Babu, Sharath Marar
Music: Anoop Rubens
Cinematography: Jayanan Vincent
Editor: Gautham Raju
Production Banner: Suresh Productions & North Star Entertainments
Release Date: 10-Jan-2015
Run Time: 2 Hours 33 Minutes
Gopala Gopala the biggest the multi starrer of the year hitting the theaters today. Film is a sattire on prevailing superstitions and fake babas in the name of God. While Victory Venkatesh donning the role of common man, who is an athiest, Powerstar Pawankalyan will appear for limited screen time in the role of God. Shreya saran is the leading lady, Anup rubens provided music.

Gopala Gopala live theatre updates – Tweet Review

7:00 AM: Show started amidst fans hungama.. Fans going crazy

7:10 AM: Entry of Shreya, she is looking elegant in saree. Venki’s entry as Gopal rao, he is antiques and god idols seller with sharp business skills, he is introduced as an Athiest.

7:15 AM: Venki looks very natural in his costumes and he is representing common man, good to see a star with out any strings attached.

7:20 AM: Venki and neighbours are visiting kasi. Interesting scene to introduce the concept of the film. Venki’s dialogue timing is impeccable. First song time “Endhuko.. Endhuko..”, lyrics well written, a good song. Shreya the same way as in Manam.

7:25 AM: Posani Krishna Murali introduced as Sidda guru. he suited the role, direct confrontation of Venkatesh with Posani. Posani cursed Venki, as he is non-believer of God. Interesting.

7:35 AM: Venki’s shop alone was destroyed in the earth quake. Everyone cursing because atheist nature, Venki a well planned businessman he is showed his Insurance docs through he can claim the losses.

7:40 AM: Vennela kishore introduced as insurance officer, He explained that venki can’t claim insurance as the destruction(earth quake) is ACT OF GOD.

7:45 AM: Venky decided to solve the issue in court of law, good scenes going on with good pace. Venky filed case on God with help of the handicapped lawyer khan and he sent notices to all temples, masjids and churches. Mithun Chakravarthy as Baba.

7:50 AM: Ashish Vidyarthi is the lawyer for the God and the insurance company. Superb court scene. Interesting and eye opening conversation between Venki and Posani.

7:55 AM: 700 such cases filed following venki’s case. All the cases approved by Judge Ranganath.Venki in trouble now. A politician, Insurance company owner and fake babas are planning to attack Venki.

8:00 AM: Pawan Kalyan grand entry as God, One of the best entrances in recent days. Pawan looks superb in the get-up. He is rescuing Venki. Well made scene. Dialogue too is very good “Time chusukoni nenu raanu nenu vachaake Time vastundi”.

Pawan Kalyan entered Venki’s home, good conversation, may be heading towards interval. “Yudha bheri lo ratham nadipindhi nenega”.

Pawankalyan body language screen presence is simply superb and his expressions in god role is treat to watch

Interval: Venkatesh delivered another good performance and Pawan Kalyan’s appearance is an added attraction.

8:10 AM: Second starts off with Pawan’s playing flute, interesting dialogue “Naaku limitations levu, I’m an ALL ROUNDER”

8:20 AM: MaayaBazar Scene between Ghatothkacha and Krishna utilised intelligently. Venki calling Pawan as “Tammudu”, good chemistry between the heroes.

8:30 AM: All swamijis and insurance companies discussing as the insurance amount is increasing as number of applicant’s increasing. Swamiji announces that siddesh maharaj will do fasting till he die.

8:35 AM: Theatre going crazy with Pawan Kalyan’s dialogues and screen presence.

8:45 AM: Venki’s performance and Dialogues in the TV show scene is superbly made, Sai Madhav’s dialogues a makes you think.

8:50 AM: Mithun is a great performer but doesn’t suited to telugu nativity, one of the drawback of the film.
8:50 AM: Here’s now the most awaited song “Bhaja Bhaje”.. A visual treat for the fans of both the star.. Moves are good. Screen full of colours and chinni krishnas. Well choreographed and picturised.

9:10 AM: Movie comes back to court scenes, court orders Venki to prove that God destroyed his shop in a week. Pawan the God advices him to read Geetha, Quran and Bible, what this leads to is an interest turn. Film now heading towards climax.

9:20 AM: Climax scenes: Godmen’s follower attacks Gopal Rao in the court. Godmen plan to make Gopal Rao a God after his death. Doctors say that Gopal Rao is under ventilator and asks his family members to trust in God. God gives re-birth to Gopal Rao Fantastic climax scenes between God and Gopal Rao. Venkatesh appears in the public and tells the public to boycott ashrams.

Malligadu take on GopalaGopala in a while, Stay tuned