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First South Indian Hero to cross 4 Million Likes


Stylish Star Allu Arjun has become the First South Indian Hero to cross 4 million likes in Facebook. No other South Indian Actor be it Mahesh Babu in Telugu nor Surya in Tamil not got even 2 million likes.

Not only do Bunny got fans in Telugu but also in Malayalam where he is very popular and people in Kerala call him as Mallu Arjun. Most of his earlier films has done good business on par with other regional films in Kerala.

It’s not only the success ratio or craze matters for following in Facebook but the involvement with fans and keeping them in touch regularly is also an important aspect. Bunny is at his best to be involved with his followers by regularly updating with more news about his films and sharing them different pics.

Now with the success of Race Gurram, he would be followed by more people and we hope he crosses 5 million mark very soon.