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Exclusive: Ulka Gupta Interview On Rudhramadevi

How does it feels to be a celebrity at very young age?


My father brought me up in a humble back ground, I sometimes goes to college by Govt bus and sometimes my driver droves me. But, when I am in public, I have to scarf myself, but even though people identify me which makes me feel good, I love being recognized. I love the lime light of being celebrity at the same time I love the taste of being a grounded college going girl, Whatever I am today it is only because of fans, otherwise I am very ordinary person. If I am extraordinary thanks to God thanks to my chances, my parents and thanks to all my fans who have loved my work.

What is the best compliment you have got? And the Criticism?

Jhansi Ki Rani is telecasted in many other countries like USA, Australia, Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia etc. Many viewers from Saudi Arabia identified me with my character in Jhansi Ki Rani and they wait for next episode to arrive. There is even a girl who told me that they are fighting with parents to make them study after seeing Jhansi Ki Rani bravery on Television, and there is one lady who told me that she is learning English only to speak with me if we meet by chance someday, That feels so good and I am honoured being in acting profession.

Once, Guna sir praised me for my horse riding skills, he told after Ram Charan and Allu Arjun you are best in Horse riding.


Coming to the criticism, there are instances when I am working for Andhra Pori and Rudramadevi, some people used to argue on the need for Bollywood girl for a Telugu film. But Tollywood is very warm to me, audience accepted me for my performance in Andhra Pori.

You seems to be active in films promotions? How is the response in north?

People are looking forward for the film in North, especially after Baabubali audience are expecting one more visual grandeur from Tollywood.