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Exclusive: Ulka Gupta Interview On Rudhramadevi

Your family? And your flair for acting?

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Gagan Gupta is my father, he is into TV industry. I have this flair for acting since my childhood and I used to give a lot of auditions during my trails. Even though I doesn’t have this rich girl looks, I am passionate about films and I believe myself. At the age of 13 Jhansi Ki Rani happened for me 15 episodes, the first episode of the TV show become super hit with highest TRPs and My contract extended to one and half years.

Apart from your powerful Rudramadevi and Jhansi Ki Rani, you looked eye candy in Andhra pori in a girl next door character? What’s your say on this

I was approached by the producers, knowing that I am poor at Telugu at that time. It was their trust which gave me confidence. Madiraj sir worked on me for a week extra, to get me that variation from girl cutting the heads to a delicate girl who falls in love with a guy, who shys and who cries. This is a tough job

Off-screen are you a Rudramadevi or Andhra pori?


I am bold, I am dynamic so I am more like a Rudhramadevi, rather than a Andhra pori. That is why may be roles like Rudramadevi comes naturally to me, but I have to work hard for the role like Andhra pori. I can have war at anytime, Yeah I am very good at that too (Smiles)

As an artist, what major differences you have observed between Soap Opera and Cinema?

As an actor, in TV you have to do same drama and sometimes you have to over-react, which is not possible or recommended in cinema. And another major difference in TV we have to shoot whole episode in a single day whereas in cinema we sometime takes days for single shot even or single scene. In cinema there is a scope for so much of detailing and everything is inter-dependent.