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Exclusive: Ulka Gupta Interview On Rudhramadevi


How does it feels to be a part of epic film which is making on a grand scale?

I feel like I am going to be remembered, these kinds of opportunities are once in a life time opportunities. I am really honoured to be part of this Epic film Rudhramadevi at such a young age. Getting to play the lead role in such a epic drama, I think I am honoured.

What kind of homework you have done for Jr. Rudhramadevi role?

We had workshops earlier to the film’s shoot and the most challenging problem for me is the language even though I may be dubbed on screen but I had to deliver dialogues on the sets. Kakatiya dynasty goes back to 12th century, being coming from Hindi background, it was quite a challenge to replicate pure Telugu and maintain the body language of Telugu queen and of that era.

When asked about which is the first opportunity Rudhramadevi or Andhra Pori?

Rudhramadevi is the first film I signed in Telugu. Andhra Pori happened after that.

Does delay in a films release, kills excitement? Rudhramadevi delayed for almost 3 months now., will that show any effect?

Rudhramadevi is made on a grand scale and is going to be release in both 3D and 2D. Delay’s would be common for such projects as our director Gunasekhar never compromises on Quality. I am very excited about Rudramadevi now, infact I will look much younger in the film. It would be a wonder on screen. Film promotions are going on in a grand scale and film is going to release in Telugu, Tamil and Hindi, as it has an universal appeal.
As an audience, films like Rudramadevi will always be watched and as a women I am proud, as Rudramadevi is first women oriented film which was being made on such a scale.