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Exclusive: Interview with Maaya Heroine Avantika Mishra

Who is your favorite Telugu actor?
I really admire Mahesh Babu, Prabhas and Pawan Kalyan’s work. I really admire their characters in the movies than any one in person.

What you would have been if not into movies?
I would have been a Pilot.

Heard you are a fitness freak?
Right from my child hood I have a huge passion for sports be it squash, tennis or running. So fitness has become a routine to me and I love it being fit and staying healthy. It is very important for anyone to be very happy and without stress to have a healthy life.

Favorite Holiday spot?
Greece is my favourite holiday spot. I’m planning to go with my family and probably will visit this year or next year.

Tell us five things which you cannot live without?
• My family
• Cannot stay without my home food – Curd, Dal, Sabji
• Mobile Phone
• Without exercising
• Work

What’s your favorite outfit?
I absolutely love wearing Saree and will drape it during all traditional functions. Also I would like to wear T-shirts and jeans during casual time.

What do you like to do in your free time?
I read a lot and I have a mini library at my home. Also as I mentioned I play squash and tennis in the evening.
I love to cook food and I can cook anything from Non veg to Veg. I feel it’s important that every individual should learn and it’s actually very fun.