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Exclusive: Interview With “Ladies & Gentlemen” Director PB Manjunath

My Script and my experiences with a big producer and star hero on script
I actually had a wonderful script written with me. Its about a guy’s life, his relations, emotions and the way life happens after he completes his engineering. A very touching, sensitive subject.

Everyone I discussed and narrated the story said it was great but lamented that it lacked commercial elements. I didn’t want to budge on the story. I spoke to a hero, I think about 3 years ago, now he is one of the top heroes of Tollywood. He liked the story very much and was quite touched by the storyline as it came to end. But then, even he mentioned that his character isn’t elevated in the first half, hinting that I cut down scenes of the heroine, who’s a bubbly, vibrant character. I didn’t approve of it and finally we couldn’t take it forward.

I took the same script to a very senior producer, who had made movies with senior NTR and still continues to produce films. He heard the story entirely and had tears in his eyes. He could relate to the story so much that he said it was like revisiting his own life. A compliment like this from a man, who had been listening to scripts all his life, was indeed very gratifying.
He was so impressed that despite not being able to work on this script, he called me up asking if I had any scripts for a top hero who had given him dates. The very thought that a senior producer is keen to work with me, gave me immense confidence and reinforced belief in myself that I am indeed good.

Incidents like these compensated for the entire struggle I went through.
I spoke to many small and big heroes for this script and everyone questioned the lack of so called commercial elements. I couldn’t compromise and the script did not see light till date

Experience working with a director turned Producer and what impact Madhura Sreedhar created
Madhura-Sreedhar-Sreedhar Reddy garu liked my work during Back Bench Student. Our sensibilities match and we are in sync when it comes to making a movie, what a movie should portray, what and how much is anything necessary for a movie. For instance, I proposed that the story didn’t actually need a lot of songs and duets and he is was more than welcome. He infact came up and said if we could do away with a choreographer too. We used a choreographer just for one song. It is not a usual thing for a producer to do away with songs, dances and fights the key ingredients of a successful film, the way it is perceived conventionally.

About team. Director, Producer and Writer.
I have to mention my friend, the story writer, Sanjeev Reddy. The three of us were like a team. We used to have fights, arguments but that was always in a collective interest of the film..