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Exclusive Interview With Hot Model Angela krislinzki

Experience working for “Raja Raja” song?

2015-06-01-23-50-57_decoWithin a span of 2 days I got selected and immediately flew down to Hyderabad for the shoot of the “Raja Raja” song.
It was really an amazing experience working down south and with Puri sir it is altogether a different experience, he was so fast in making. We shot whole song in just 2 days. Brahmanadam sir too supported me as I am new here.
Song came out really well, I hope it will become success.

What inspired you to learn dance, you are such an energetic dancer with those expressive eyes?

I love to dance. When I was in Valencia, I learned Latin dance and later in Mumbai took Belly dance classes. I like learning and always love to learn more and more.

Puri Jagannadh’s item numbers are popular here. Mumaith khan, Scarllet Wilson who performed in those numbers become popular too? What is your gut feeling how far can you go forward?

2014-06-25-01-35-09_decoI have shot for the song one month back and shot for two days. The song is ready for release and it’s an amazing thing as it’s always good to see what you have done.

Do you have got any scenes with Charmi in the film?

I don’t have any scenes in the film with Charmi. On the sets she is very supportive and helpful throughout the shoot. She is the best producer one could have.