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Exclusive: Candid Interview With Praveen Sattaaru, Chandamama Kathalu Director

Your movies delve on human relationships and relationships basically is that your genre that you want to stick to?
“ I think any movie and any story that you tell deals with human relations, whether it’s an action movie or horror movie or a sentiment or a comedy movie or a thriller, the reason why you are horrified or thrilled or you cried or laughed is all based on human emotions. Everything is an emotional aspect..“
And today’s films ?
“ Today’s films in Telugu have become very shallow, you know it’s become a slap stick kind of a thing
I can compare todays films with comical cinema of Charlie Chaplin’s years ago..When there was no sound it was only physical, like say the laurel and hardy…So those all are very physical… because there was no dialogue,,it had to be more of physical.. It’s become like that now..Back then, it was pure and now it’s all faked.”
“Once you start feeding people with lot of the same kind of films people loose sensibilities, they become immune and they become very shallow..that’s what I think is happening right now..”
“Again, It’s not that every big film is faring good at box office, no it is not..only 10% of commercial films are working, but they are pushing the limits rather than trying to find a different Genre. New film makers now are trying to break this tradition and make audience susceptible and expose them to different kinds of cinema… “

Films also have to have some bit of education, nourishment towards how you bring some insights about life and towards life… Right?
“I don’t necessarily believe in that, again there are 2 answers to the question when you bring that human angle automatically without knowing you can give them insights, without rubbing it on their face…People will understand the nuances of a particular character..”

“You watch ChandamamaKathalu.. I never forced anybody or any moral to anybody. It just happens. People who want to take that moral they will take it..If they just come to get entertained they will get entertainment..Cinema is again a form of entertainment but there is certain cinema, masala cinema, emotional cinema, educational cinema… You have diversity. Once diversified you will enjoy masala cinema as much as an educational cinema… if you keep bombarding with same kind of cinema you get bored, it could be a sensible cinema after watching 10 sensible cinemas, you would say I need something masala. So. It has to balance out…”