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Exclusive: Candid Interview With Praveen Sattaaru, Chandamama Kathalu Director

Right..But, tell me something, you said that there are many avenues publicity, media and marketing. Alongside what do you think of the onetime reviews on the web, and the talk that spreads on socialmedia, isn’t that killing things?
“Ohh, that’s a good question.. No it works counter wise. You know it works basically like this.”
“When a director makes a film, everybody knows who the director of Chandamama Kathalu is; he has a face and can be questioned by the audience. And I am answerable to the audience, whether the film is good or bad, why the film is bad and all”.
“99% of reviewers are not answerable to anybody. When I am, I as a director answerable to the public, I would work on my stuff meticulously before I put it out there, to make sure that, there is no back lash from the audience.”
“But for a reviewer, I am behind the scenes and nobody knows me and I am not accountable to anything and I will write anything. ““ The day before the release, I held a show for media people, websites and all that, there are couple of website reviewers, the so called reviewers, who are on the phone 40% of the time outside the theatre, so and same person comes out and starts writing review on the film.”

“First of all two things, well, on their defense may be the film was boring that he couldn’t stay inside the theatre, walked out of the theatre and let’s give him that credit.But when a film maker after putting 3 CR or whatever amount of money and makes a film and with all due respect, invites you to free preview, out of courtesy or out of respect or whatever don’t you feel like you have to give same kind of respect to the film maker? “
“But if you are watching it in a theatre buying tickets, you sit in the theatre and watch it, you never walk out of the theatre with your phone…”
‘And they think, they are entitled to write whatever they want, but I think they should be accountable to somebody.”

“I want to say that there should be a review on the reviewers..”
“ Film releases on a Friday, reviews are out on a Friday night or Saturday. Let’s have an open conversation on TV with director and reviewers on Monday..You know let’s have a healthy discussion, on what you didn’t like and what is the director’s point of view, that will set things right, at least to an extent.”