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Exclusive: Candid Interview With Praveen Sattaaru, Chandamama Kathalu Director

So, what do you think motivates the crowd to watch a movie?
“Hmmm. There are multiple factors. You got to make sure that the film reached to interior corners of AP in terms of publicity, sometimes the film’s title and how people connect to it. 20 years ago take any cinema; everybody knew what film was releasing on which day. I mean films like Keechurallu, the low budget films to mega budget films and every film had fair chance to get an audience. If the film was good it was a hit, it wasn’t good it’s a flop. A good film was always a winner at the box office.””Now things have changed, because of more cinemas being made is one thing and secondly there are a lot of avenues to publicize the film and the medium of entertainment have diversified.”

“Those who write it’s a multiplex film, I really don’t think it is. Lower class audience, in theatres like Rajdhani were clapping in a scene when the beggar starts pick up the money. So these are films based on emotions and anybody and everybody will connect irrespective of what kind of audience you belong to.””And even when you talk about multiplex crowds, the so called multiplex crowd of Telugu cinema would rather watch an English film or a Hindi film. They would give least preference to a Telugu film. They would prefer watching 2 States or Godzilla or Spider Man on a multiplex, It takes lot of effort to change that mentality, mind set.”“So I feel, me and a few other film makers are in the front line of the revolution. And now the first bullet is gonna hit us. We need to see how long we could survive. Definitely the front lines gonna give up in some time because we will eventually fall down and die but it will pave way to future generations of film makers who would emerge and are out of box thinkers.”