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Exclusive: Candid Interview With Praveen Sattaaru, Chandamama Kathalu Director

Don’t you think people are little more open, more receptive to meaningful Cinema?
“Aah. They are not ready to reciprocate to different kind of cinema though they say they want to see different cinema. But then if they are really exposed to good cinema they will like it. It’s just about the lack of drive that drives them to the theatre and another reason is that most of the 40+ olds gave up on cinema or are stuck to TV. The retired age group force themselves to watch soaps. They know that they are mindless, senseless and all but because there is no different cinema that caters to them, that can pull them out of their couch and come to the theatres, they now don’t even try to see what kind of cinema is playing in theatres because 99% of movies are classified under that kind of a typical movies. So, by default they think that cinema is not ours.”
“Even the so called young audience, right from the age when they thought they know cinema, have started watching cinema. They have been forced to watch only certain kind of cinema. So they are new to the kind of movies that’s not racy and pacey and has punch dialogues, the comedy sequences and all. Yet again there is also a fraction of these same 20 to 22 year olds who watched Chandamama Kathalu and I have been flooded with messages on FaceBook, people surfed for my name and you know started pinging me.”
“But in all it takes a great effort by a lot of film makers to bring this kind of an audience to watch Sensible, meaningful cinema.“What do you think of these young film makers, short film makers? Do you think even they believe that this is what actually works and nothing else?
“They don’t know anything. The short film makers hardly have exposure to world cinema, is one thing and secondly every short film is about love. Every short film is about a girl ditching a boy or about how a boy could propose a girl. When I watch short films, they are again quite similar to main stream cinema, because they are only exposed to such kind of cinema. You see lot of fakeness in these short films, their try at generating humors and all that. Cinema lost its soul somewhere”
“So. One thing that we have to consider is that’s their age, 18 to 20 year old guys, who can only think about themes like that and cannot think beyond that. But that is also an age, which is an unfortunate situation that they think they know everything. So… that is the kind of problem that we have right now.“