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Exclusive: Candid Interview With Praveen Sattaaru, Chandamama Kathalu Director

How does it feel after Chandamama Kathalu?
Hmm…. I am actually LOST after Chandamama Kathalu. To be very honest Chandamama Kathaluis a complete wash out, Interms of finances are concerned. I really don’t know what audience like. Everybody says they want a good movie and whoever watched Chandamama Kathalu, walked out of the theater saying it’s a good movie and there are people who watched it like 7 or 8 times. But somehow it could not pull enough audience to the theatre to make it a successful cinema, so I don’t know right now as to what works.
Obviously comedy always works but again you know that’s not the Cinema. That’s for a financial gain and all, so, I am kind of lost right now.Soon after LBW, early 2011, in one of your interviews you’ve used the word “Frustrated” and now you say your “Lost”. What seems to be happening with the audience, according to you?
Smiles… “It is like this. See I think.. Audience have been trained, conditioned. In the last 20 years, audience have been trained to only watch certain kind of Cinema, I mean take mid-90s. I begin to think, are we the same audience who’ve watched Swathimutyam, Sagarasangamam. We appreciated films like Sankarabharanam and at the same time we’ve also appreciated films like Khaidi, Rakshasudu. There was a variety of cinema, like what Hindi cinema is going through. There was this healthy kind of a balance. But in the last 20 years I feel there is certain influx of film makers who came in and have started serving cinema like say, Biryani, Dum Biryani, Dum Biryani with Seek kababand so on. It’s like telling the audience, you don’t have do anything, just relax, sit back, we will serve you. Something like that. So cinema has become a single platform per se. I think we have to undo everything, that’s been done over the last 20 years.”