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Exclusive: Candid Interview With Praveen Sattaaru, Chandamama Kathalu Director

So, when you said certain actors are you talking about the tier 1 actors.. ?
aah.. I am talking about tier 2 actors…Basically everybody has some equations, they liked it and just that time isn’t working now.. For a film to happen it needs right time, right people…Everything has to come together,, That script can be done with newer actors but I will not be doing justice to the film.
The script deserves certain artists…
When I write something I can imagine certain actors performing for that characters and that is the reason why you watch my films you travel with the characters but not the actors…
His algebraic equation while writing the screenplay for Chandamama Kathalu, Influence of his IBM’s software project management experiencefor Movie making, meticulous production planning, the Invincible Producer -Distributor-Exhibitor Triangle, production to promotion, Laurels to Lobbies …our conversation went on…
Wishing this Techie Film Maker all the strength within to keep making films that reflect “human sensibilities” and cross frontiers of all creative expression.
I trust the CHANGE that he wishes to see, happens sooner and his SUCCESS is just around the corner.
It was a meeting to remember. Thank you Mr.PraveenSattaru.

“Krishna Mohan Gorle heads global sales for an IT Company. Besides pursuing several creative interests like photography, movies, music and books, Krishna Mohan Gorle volunteers for NGO’s working on social causes”