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Dynamite Telugu Movie Review

Dynamite-Poster-2Title: Dynamite (2015)
Cast: Manchu Vishnu, Pranitha Subhash, J. D. Chakravarthy
Director: Deva Katta
Producer: Manchu Vishnu
Writer: Anand Shankar
Music: Achu
Production House: 24 Frames Factory
Release Date: 04-Sep-2015
Running Time: 142 minutes
Rating: 3/5Dynamite is an official remake of Tamil Movie, Arima Nambi. Vishnu played the lead role and J.D.Chakravarthy is the antagonist. Let’s see if Dynamite made up to the mark of its original version or not.

Shivaji aka Shiva (Vishnu) mets Anamika (Pranitha), daughter of a news channel CEO, by chance and they both go on a date. On the same night she invites him to her flat and from there she gets kidnapped and Shiva tries to find her. During this process, he comes to know very big shots involved in this – ranging from police officers to politicians. Interval bang reveals that JD Chakravarthy, Central Minister, was behind Anamika’s kidnap. Tying all the ends makes the second half.

Dynamite is an action packed thriller with a pinch of romance. Movie completely revolves around logic and intelligence. Screenplay is gripping through out the movie and generated a what’s next eagerness in every scene.

First 20 minutes of the movie is very pale and slow. Director used these minutes to build a relation between lead pair, but, it turned much artificial. Later, movie picked up pace and carried till the end. Screenplay of the last one hour of first half never settles down for one moment. Deva Katta engaged the viewer through out the length and runtime is a perfect apt.

Second half starts well and took a small slow pace dip for few negligible minutes and again gained its pace with brilliant interesting mind games and action. Last 30 mins of the movie are very well carved and you never shift your focus from screen and story. Though regular routine comedy and masala missed in Dynamite, movie won’t disappoints comedy and masala lovers.

Only major set back of the movie are songs and they comes like a hurdles in high stream running race. Background music of Achu is good and took the movie to next level. It helped the movie through out.

Cast Performance:
Vishnu Manchu: He went a complete change over for piercing to tatoo to beard look. One can definitely say he is the major plus to the movie. Movie had couple of emotional scenes and Vishu made his mark in those.

Pranitha Subhash: She did well and given complete support to Vishnu. Though, Vishu and Pranitha’s chemistry in the first 20 mins look artificial you find them appealing later.

JD Chakravarthy: He nailed it again and stealed the show in the second half.

Technical Department:
Deva Katta never present this genre movie before. His racy screenplay and narration of the movie turned out as highlight of the movie.

Fight master Vijayan’s action episode is another added advantage of the movie and cinematography made its mark. Editor played a good role and kept the movie as required, you never bored.

Verdict: Action packed thrilling Dynamite – perfectly blown.