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Drushyam Movie Review

drishyamTitle: Drushyam
Cast: Venkatesh, Meena, Nadhiya, Naresh, Kritika
Director: Sri Priya
Jeethu Joseph
Suresh productions, Rajkumar Theatres and Wide angle creations
Release Date: July 11, 2014

Hit pair Venkatesh and Meena are pairing up after a long time in the remake of biggest blockbuster Malayalam film ‘Drishyam’. The makers have arranged a special screening to the people from industry on July 9th and received positive response. Does the audience also feel the same response? Whether the movie replicated the same magic of Malayalam? Whether the movie suited to Telugu nativity. let’s see…

Drushyam starts on a lighter note with Venkatesh (Ram babu) a cable TV operator living with his wife Jyothi (Meena) and 2 daughters Anju and Anub in a small village Rajavaram. He being an ardent movie lover spends most of his time in watching all different language movies which are broadcasted through his cable network. His happy life is perturbed by Varun, son of an IPS officer Geetha(Nadhiya) harassing his elder daughterAnju. At this unexpected juncture what will happen to Varun? How Ram babu secures his family and how his film watching habit helps him in solving the problem forms the rest of roller coaster ride of a film.

The movie starts off with slow paced narration by coercing some romantic scenes between Venkatesh and Meena. The movie picks up the pace after 30 mins and will gains momentum at the interval episode. Second half of the movie grips the audience with its fantastic screen play and the suspense element is very interesting. Though the movie makes the viewers a bit dragged before climax but overall the movie is handled well. Fist 20 minutes of the film create a boredom feeling to the young audienace. Later episodes will be loved by all genre of the audience.
The plot revolves around an adage “Seeing once is better than hearing a thousand times’ which is why the title of the film is Drushyam. If you have not watched Malayalam version then this is going to be a good family thriller for the family audience.

Casting and Performances:
Venkatesh has done an excellent job in the role of Rambabu and the character is tailor made for him. Meena and Nadhiya performances are noteworthy. Scenes taken on meena and venky are nostalgic. After Venkatesh the biggest assets of the film are their daughter roles, their performances are splendid. Naresh as Nadhiya’s husband is good.

Technical Department:
Direction of Sri priya is decent.
Marthand K Venkatesh’s editing is good.
Screen play is the asset of the film. A fact that the story knitted around only a few characters makes it an amazing experience.
Music doesn’t have a big role in the film but the back ground score is very good.