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Diah Nicolas Exclusive Interview

Diah-Nicolas-Latest-Photos-In-Yamaleela2-2.jpgHave you watched any other Telugu films?I have watched only two Telugu films till date. One is Legend and another is Race Gurram. Both of them are larger than life movies which are quite different to what I used to watch growing up but I enjoyed a lot.

Any friends in the Industry now?

Yes but only with the cast and crew of Yamaleela 2. Tell us the differences you observed in South Africa and India?

I have found lot of differences between the two countries. Firstly the climate, when it is summer here it will be winter in SA and vice-versa. Secondly the food here is very spicy though I’m accustoming to the food. Indian cultural is very fascinating and I’m learning every day.

What kind of girl Diah Nicolas is?

I’m a very sarcastic person and would like to speak very openly without any hesitation.

What is that you do when you are free? What is favorite Pass time?

I love to read and write a lot. But my reading will be different and the writing will be different.

Favorite outfits? How do you like wearing a saree?

I would like to be really simple; I’m a track pants and tees type of girl.

Describe yourself in three words.

Awkward, Sarcastic and Imaginative.

What film would you like to watch over and over again?
The Great Gatsby which stars Leonardo DiCaprio and directed by Baz Luhrmann.

What is your favourite holiday destination?


What gives you pleasure?

Definitely FOOD, to be specific Pizza. I’m a great foodie and I don’t like to follow specific diets.

Who is your biggest inspiration?

At the moment only one name comes to my mind is my co-star, Satish. He is a genuinely talented and knowledgeable human being. I’m not just saying that because he’s my co-star but anyone knows him, would agree.