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Diah Nicolas Exclusive Interview

Have you seen Yamaleela?No I did not watched Yamaleela. I was advised not to watch so that I will act in my own way.

Tell us your experience working with your co-star Satish?

Though it’s the debut movie for K V Satish, he helped me a lot during the entire shooting. He is a very humble and supportive co-star.Diah-Nicolas-Latest-Photos-7.jpg

How do you feel about your debut film, do you feel that you have done justice to the role? How comfortable/confident you are now comparing to your first day?

It wasn’t difficult for me as I said I just followed what is told by the director. Though I am a new comer, I never took more shots to complete a scene. Firstly I should be happy when I see myself on the big screen and after that it’s up to the audience whether to like it or not.

What kind of roles (or) any dream role you want to see yourself in?

This might sound crazy but I wanted to act in a Ghost role, who would like to take revenge on someone who betrays her. I’m not sure whether such roles would go well with the Telugu audience.

What is your take on heroine’s skin show and intimate scenes in films? Will you be interested in wearing revealing outfits if character demands?

Personally I don’t like to wear revealing outfits or bikini just for sake of grabbing attention. Probably my family also wouldn’t appreciate me doing it. There is thin line between looking glamorous and going overboard.

Tell us about your career plans now in Tollywood? Have signed on any other project?

I am not supposed to sign a new project during the course of Yamaleela 2. Right now a couple of projects are in a discussion stage. Would let you know once it’s confirmed.

What tag you want to achieve “A glamour doll” or “a Performer”?

I would like to do different roles in each and every movie. If I play a modern girl in one movie then for the next movie the role should be of a village girl or some different character. I wanted to do research about the role to get into the skin of the character. I feel, only if we can understand the character then only we can give our 100%. I will choose to be performer than a glamour doll.