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Diah Nicolas Exclusive Interview

She is a South African who had roots in India and she came from a Multi-Cultured family. She explains that she become an actress as she is destined. Malligadu.com interacted with this multi-talented bubbly new entrant into Tollywood, Diah Nicolas. She is making her debut into tollywood with SV Krishna reddy’s Yamaleela 2. She shared her experience working in Yamaleela 2, Her background and lot more…
Your movie Yamaleela 2 is going to be released on Nov 28th. How are you feeling?I’m pretty relaxed and as well as excited being my first movie. I never expected that I would be entering into films, but it all happened. I am eagerly waiting for the release of the movie and I hope it does well.How you are connected to India?

My great grandfather had migrated to South Africa from India but my connection to India is quite minimal. My father was born and bought up in South Africa and my mother is from UK. So it’s a kind of multi cultured family.
You’re a South African girl and you’re debuting now into Telugu cinema. Walk us through this interesting Journey?
Diah-nicolas-exclusive-interview I was born and bought up in South Africa. I happened to join my sister who was in Mumbai, India on a holiday tour. I was spotted in a coffee shop by a media manager and had shot for a photo shoot. Then my pictures were sent to SV Krishna Reddy and I immediately got selected without an audition. I never expected this before coming down to India and I would have not believed if this happened to someone else.

Tell us your family background and how did they supported you?

My father is a business man and mother is a lawyer in South Africa. I’m the youngest one in my family. I was doing LAW when I got this opportunity. I had decided to test waters in the entertainment industry, so I took a break of 1 year from my LAW. My mother and friends have backed up my decision asked me to go ahead.