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Deepa Denies Role In Siddharth-Samantha Breakup

Deepa-Sannidhi-Hot-Images-3Siddharth and Samantha’s breakup is the talking point across South Industries. This news has affected Kannada actress Deepa Sannidhi more as she is alleged to be the reason behind the break up of Samantha and Siddhartha. Deepa Sannidhi is the co-star of Siddharth in Ennakul Oruvan movie.

Reacting on the news Deepa said, ” It came as a shock to me and the news is just an attempt to add masala to the news. My relationship with Siddharth is strictly professional and I don’t share any friendly relationship with him. I wasn’t even in touch with him after the film’s shoot got completed,”

Deepa Sannidhi original name was Rahasya. She made her acting debut with Kannada movie Saarathi in 2011. After doing 5 films in Kannada, she did couple of Tamil films. Deepa was also earlier linked to her co-star Arya.