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Chinni Krishna Goes Hollywood

chinni-krishna-goes-HollywoodChinni Krishna the famous story writer goes hollywood this time. He is commissioned to write story for a movie starring Van damme which will be co-starred either by Bollywood star hero or by a top hero from south.

Tanveer Group is producing the Film, R.K. Bhagavan who brought over 500 Hollywood films to India suggested Chinni Krishna’s name directly to the Tanveer Group’s CEO Sailesh. On the Invitation of Tanveer Group, this “Genious” Story writer went to Greece to finalize the project.

According to the deal he have to produce the story by January subsequently film goes onto sets and they will finalize on another hero too.

Chinni Krishna Produced stories for successful films like Narasimha, Narasimha Naidu, Indra etc., his latest films are Badrinath and Genius. All The Best to Chinni Krishna garu on Hollywood entry.