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Charmi Made To Work All Night

charmiAfter the debacle of “Pratigatana”, Charming girl Charmi working hard for the comeback. She is now working for Mantra 2, Sequel to Mantra which got her more accolades 6 years ago. After Mantra she went on to work as solo heroine for many movies, also got reasonable hits.

As Mantra 2 similar to Mantra is of thriller genre, Most of the shootings happening in nights. Director Satish’s meticulous planning making sure that the shooting didn’t stop even in the heavy rain today and he made sure that the shooting happen all night. This is bothering Charmi and the actress has been tweeting quite often about how she is sleep deprived. She even posted a few voice notes on Bubbly in which she sings and talks about her sleep.

Charmi also revealed that Mantra 2 is based on real life events, she tweeted “MANTRA 2 , based on few REAL incidents !!!”

Hard work prevails Charmi, Mantra 2 May bring you much needed break.. ALL THE BEST