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Chandra Babu declared no TDP BJP Alliance

images Chandra Babu Naidu declared that there is no alliance between TDP and BJP in Seema Andhra. But they will continue the status in Telangana. During his tour to Gagapathinagaram in Vijayanagaram district he declared and said he is pretty unhappy with the move of BJP by declaring weak candidates in Seema Andhra. Chandra Babu said TDP has allied with BJP only because he want Modi to win in these elections and see him as an PM but BJP has declared weak candidates because of some external pressures. Today Babu has taken feedback from some of their leaders through IVRS on the pros and cons of the Alliance. Chandra Babu will be reaching Hyderabad today by 12AM and is going to give an official confirmation. At the back end Chandra Babu is getting ready to declare candidates for these locations as day after tomorrow i.e 19th April is the last date for filing nominations. At the same time BJP has also anticipated the same and making it’s moves intelligently.