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Chakkiligintha Telugu Movie Review

Chakkiligintha-Telugu-Movie-Latest-Photo-Gallery-9.jpgCast: Sumanth Ashwin, Rehana
Director: Vema Reddy
Producer: Narasimha Chary & Narasimha Reddy
Writer: Vema Reddy
Music: Micky J Meyer
Cinematography: Sai Sri Ram
Editor: Karthika Srinivas
Release Date: 05-Dec-2014
Rating: 2.75/5.00

Sumanth Ashwin who has scored decent hits like Anthaka Mundu Aa Taruvatha and Lovers is eyeing for a hat trick with Chakkiligintha movie. He is romancing a debutant Rehana in this movie. Touted to a love story, directed by Vema Reddy who has worked with director Sukumar. Will Sumanth be able to score hat trick with Chakkiligintha lets see…

Adi (Sumanth Ashwin) joins college and very soon understands the issues faced by the college boys with their girl friends. Adi advises them to follow his formula ‘Avoid Girls’ and pledges them not to propose girls, instead avoid them to make girls follow them. Looking at the weird behavior of boys all the college girls becomes amused. Avantika (Rehana) comes to the girls savior and plans to become close to Adi and make him propose to her so his Avoid Girls theory will be failed. Soon Adi fall in love with Avantika and proposes her. Movie takes a twist when she rejects Adi’s love proposal and the rest of the story is about how he convinces her to fall in love with him.

Chakkiligintha is a love story between a guy and a girl who are very matured in their own world’s. Movie starts on a positive note showcasing the issues faced by boys when they are in love and how Adi tries to resolve them. Soon the scenes shifts towards the love story between the lead pair. The extent to which Rehana goes to make Ashwin fall with him is not convincing.

Second half is a serious let down as you don’t see any new scenes. Ashwin trying to make Rehana feel that she was already in love with him using his friend is illogical. We can see a lot of shades of Arya movie in Chakkiligintha. Ashwin following Rehana and picking up things left by Rehana, Rehana reading the scrap book written by Ashwin are some of the scenes resembles to the scenes in Arya. The length of the film should have been reduced.

Artist Performances:
Sumanth Ashwin: He has definitely improved a lot expressing strong emotions and he his lover boy image got strengthened with this movie. His dancing skills are also very good.

Rehana : Debutant girl has done justice to her role and excelled with her performances. But she is chubby and need to concentrate on her looks in her upcoming movies.

Tagubothu Ramesh: He has done a complete different role to what he used to be. He was a non drinker in the movie

Technical Departments:
Director Vema Reddy who has come from the Sukumar Umbrella seems to have influenced from him. He should have concentrated more on the script for the second half. But overall a decent work from him

Music director Mickey J Meyer is one of the positives of the film with good music which appeal to youth. Back ground music in some scenes are very good.

Cinematography by Sai Sri Ram is refreshing showing good colors on screen.

Decent love story which will appeal to youth and a one time watch.