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Bunny Extending Chiru’s Legacy In This Aspect

Chiru-Bunny-extending-legacyWe all know Bunny draws a lot of inspiration from his uncle Megastar Chiranjeevi. He learned dancing since his childhood, which made him one of star heroes in TFI right now, However he humbly says that he is no where near to Chiru’s grace in terms of dancing.

But in one of the aspect he is undeniably extending Chiru’s legacy. Megastar is famous for his catch word/phrases during his hay days. His catch phrases like “Face turning isthaara” for Gharana Mogudu, “Neech Kaminey Kuthey” for Rowdi Alludu, “Cheyyi Choosava Yentha Rough ga undho” for Gang leader become a part of general vocabulary in those days.

Now taking this cue from his uncle, Allu Arjun too catching up with massy catchwords, which are helping him extending his stardom further. Be it his “Daevuda” with different modulation for Race gurram, “Chala Baagodhu” for S/o Satyamurthy or now for his portrayal as Gona Ganna Reddy he adopted Telangana dialect and his catch Phrases “Naa Molthaadu Thaayitthu” or “Gammundavoy” become sensational.

By all means, Bunny extending Chiru’s legacy in this aspect of performance. “Daevuda” catchword become a cult now in AP/TS, the same way as Mahesh Babu’s “Pandaga chesko” for Pokiri. Are the other stars listening, it gives a new sort of branding for Heroes.