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Brahmi Is A Part Of Ramcharan-Srinu Vaitla Film

brahmanandamRumors mills spreading a news that Brahmanadam is not a part of upcoming Ramcharan-Srinu vaitla film, this news was condemned by none other than one of the writers of the film Gopi mohan. According to the press release from him, Samanta is heroine and Brahmanandam is a part of Ramcharan-Srinu Vaitla film.

Gopi mohan, about the film he shared media that, “Ramcharan soulful efforts to unite Kona and Vaitla garu should be appreciated” and continued saying,”In our combination we wrote a different film, where Ramcharan is pairing up with Samantha, with interesting screenplay which would be different from other Srinu Vaitla’s films” He also,”film will have our combo mark comedy and like always, brahmanandam’s role in the film will remain as an added advantage”

Gopi mohan also told media that, Ram charan liked their other subject and they are already developing the story for him, which will start soon after this film in Srinu Vaitla’s combination.