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Boothu Film Release Locked For Diwali

We have seen different adult content movies which are termed as ‘Boothu’ in Telugu and majorly from director Maruthi. Now a similar film is all set to release which is a Tamil dubbing film ‘Trisha Ilana Nayanthara’ which is dubbed into Telugu as ‘Trisha Leda Nayanthara’.


Film has music director G V Prakash, Telugu girl Anandi and Manisha Yadav in the lead roles. Film was released recently and got a hit talk but audience were surprised to see so many double meaning dialogues, bold scenes on the lead pairs. Audio of the film launched yesterday.

Makers of the Telugu version have announced that they will be releasing the film on November 5th. Already films like Bengal Tiger and Tripura are lined up fro November 5th and 6th respectively.