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Bhale Manchi Roju Movie Review


Title: Bhale Manchi Roju(2015)
Cast: Sudheer Babu, Wamiqa Gambi, Sai Kumar
Director: Sri Ram Aditya
Producer: Vijay Kumar Reddy
Music: Sunny MR
Rating: 3.5

Sudheer Babu, who has only one hit to his credits, never hesitates to experiment. He is now arrived into theaters with another experiment ‘Bhale Manchiroju’ where the whole story unleashes in a single. Let’s see what the new comer Sriram Adittya did with Sudheer Babu.

Plot: Ram(Sudheer Babu) is heartbroken because his girl friend rejected him and marrying another person, He wants to teach her a lesson by attacking her at the marriage. While he is on the way to venue, a road mishap leads him to kidnap Sita(Wamiqa Gambi) who was initially kidnapped by Shakti(Sai Kumar) and gang. What makes Ram to Kidnap Sita, who helps Ram to Kidnap Sita? Forms an unusual story with an impressive narrative.

First of all kudos to Sudheer babu and team for coming up with an impressive plot and for their guts in believing the script. Director has a clear mind which show cases, in clearly narrating a story which has many interlocks. Character behavior, looks weird initially but, the back stories makes the narrative convincing. Although there are many characters, director successfully involved each character into the script.

The comedy which was went through the main script helped film never to deviate from the actual plot, first half initially seems to be random with no proper structure by the interval it leaves audience with some curiosity. Second half unleashes the knots yet director throughs some question marks which makes the film engaging, the romance part between the lead pair seems to be deviating and boring at times but it is a needed ingredient.

Songs and its compositions too are taken good care, Cameraman showcased very normal locations beautiful and yet maintained the films tempo and feel. Only fight in this crime comedy is very well choreographed. Prudhvi has the best year so far, and his role in this movie is an icing on the cake, he made the climax hilarious.

Artist Performances:

Sudheer Babu once again proved he is a director’s actor, he never wanted to go overboard with unnecessary dances or fights, in which he is quiet capable of. He believed the script and went with director. He did what is needed.

Wamiqa Gambi is a right choice and she has promising talent. Her bubbly attitude lighted the screen.
Sai Kumar is apt, Praveen is good, Venu and his associate are superb, Posani is regular, Prudhvi created an impact in the second half.

Technical Aspects:

Technically film is brilliant, Direction is impactful, Screenplay is superb, Editing is crisp, Art department is too class, Costumes are well thoughtout, Music is new.
Precisely a well made film.

Verdict: This film deserves a success at box-office.