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Ban on Prakash Raj by TFDA

prakashrajVersatile Actor Prakash Raj is once again in the news for bad reasons. He is going to face the heat from the Telugu Film Directors Association(TFDA) beacuse of his rude behaviour on the sets. It is heard that Producers and Directors have been facing issues because of his abusive language.

It is not yet known where exactly Prakash Raj has misbehaved but very recently Prakash Raj is replaced by Sonu Sood in Aagadu Movie. Even rumors are afloat that his character is curtailed in the recent Race Gurram Movie because of his behaviour.

This is not the first time Prakash Raj is facing these issues, earlier he was almost banned. Every one knows he is such a great actor and character artist nevertheless it’s the attitude, dedication and punctuality is what matters in Film Industry.