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Audience Rejecting Routine Flicks

2015 especially the second half of it, should be considered as a great phase for Tollywood cinema, as directors who are arriving with good content only got survived. In the wake of content/characters driven script like Baahubali, Rudramadevi, BBM, Kanche etc., routine flicks getting a deserving treatment from the audience.


Films like Kick 2, Shivam, Brucelee and latest Sher bit the dust because of their routine plots, forced comedy and over the head action sequences. Directors are in a fix now, it is now the time for them to come-up with right scripts and unique screenplays, as the time of easy cinema got over.

Finally, we can consider that audience are fed-up with ready template, even Kona Venkat the star writer said that he himself got bored by the format. But, He again came up with same format in Brucelee, which was rejected straight at the face by audience, same with Shivam, Pandaga chesko etc.,

Though the narration is slow and relatively new casting in Kanche, the film is making audience going gaga about it because of Krish has told a story which is untold before. Bhale Bhale Magadivoy become Baahubali of medium budget films because of its unique characterization of hero and loads of entertainment.

Baahubali become international property now, because of the visionary of Rajamouli to make the film in international standards and Rudramadevi was well embraced by audience because of undiminished faith on his script for Guna Sekhar. So the bottom line is, Easy-Movies will not survive.