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Anushka’s Size Zero Movie Review

Title: Size Zero(2015)
Cast: Anushka, Arya, Sonal Chauhan
Director: Prakash Kovelamudi
Producer: PVP
Banner: PVP Cinema
Rating: 2.75/5.00

After performing in regal characters for Baahubali and Rudramadevi, Anushka is coming up with ‘Size Zero’ where she appears in Obese role and After a long time Prakash Kovelamudi maiking a come back with this movie. Let’s see how fat the returns would be for the film.

Plot: Sweety( Anushka) is well pampered girl suffering for obesity, her mother finds it hard to find an alliance for her marriage, after many attempts she still couldn’t find one. She always prays god for her marriage.

Here comes Abhi(Arya), an NRI who wants to make a documentary, Sweety falls for abhi and tries to get close to him. But, Abhi finds his love in more fit and glamourous girl Simran(Sonal Chauhan). This makes Sweety annoyed and joins a Weight loss program called ‘Size Zero”.

Whether she lose weight or not? Does she face any problem during the program? Is she successful in gaining Abhi’s love? Forms the story.

Analysis: First of all kudos to Anushka for accepting and performing honestly in such a role, She is cute and lovable in that role. I guess many will relate to Anushka in the film especially women. First half of the film is goes off in breezy way with simple plot and Subtle humour. It was refreshing first half ensure an happy audience.

But the second plays the spoil sport with stream of cliché’s and unwanted emotional drama. And more importantly film shifts its focus to unrelated plots and dragging weight loss program. Second half is so wasted that, one can just go watch till interval and can leave the auditorium with out anything to miss.

Artist Performances:

Anushka is brilliant, if not for her film would have been less interesting. She surrendered herself to Sweety character.

Arya gave his best in a rather supporting role, he should be credited for a accepting such a simple role, Prakash Raj done well. Sonal Chauhan did an okay job and as always she is pretty beautiful in the role.

Techincal Departments:
Prakash Kovelamudi did a commendable job until first half, But he could have taken proper during the second half too. Art department is Superb, Movie was captured well by cinematographer. Costumes are superb.

Verdict: Sizeable First half, Zero second half.