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Another Cyclone To Hit Vizag?

Vizag_VishakapatnamAs per the reports available, Vishakapatnam is under the radar of another super cyclone, which named as Ashobaa. Vizag recently faced a worst nightmare in its history a month ago with Hudhud. Vizag is not completely recovered from the effect of Hudhud and the news on another cyclone is scaring the people.Though these are early predictions, an existing depression in Bay of Bengal may cause a deadlier super cyclone like Hudhud and this depression was born at the same place where Hudhud was started. There are chances that Ashobaa will effect Vizag and its neighboring districts.

Experts say that the depression is likely to weaken over the sea in the next few days. Adding to it, after the existing depression weakens, a new low pressure is likely to be formed which may have potential to become as a cyclone. As this is likely to born at the same place where Hudhud started, if Ashobaa maintains the same track of Hudhud, this will hit Vishakapatnam.

If Ashobaa makes its direction towards Vishakapatnam with as intense as Hudhud, it will be devastating. All the releif work done so far will be demolished again.