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Anisha Ambrose Out Of Gabbar Singh 2?

Anisha-Ambrose-Latest-Photo-Gallery-6.jpgSo many changes have happened so far in the cast and crew of Gabbar Singh 2 movie which hit the floors recently. Firstly Sampath Nandi is replaced by Power movie director Bobby. Now the latest rumour is that the heroine of the film Anisha Ambrose will also be replaced.

It took the entire fans of Pawan Kalyan and Industry to a surprise when Anisha Ambrose had chosen for the lead actress in Gabbar Singh 2. Everyone expected a top heroine would do the lead actress role but Pawan Kalyan chose Anisha.

Though not even a single scene has been shot on Anisha, Pawan wants her to be replaced with a debut heroine. The real fact of the rumour is yet to be known. Stay tuned for more details on this.